Farewell Shows 

On behalf of the band Randy, Joe, Fred, and Shawn, THANK YOU! It has been a musical journey full of excitement, fun, heartache, hard work and things you only read about,, LOL. Without you, the people who came out to see us and support us all through the years, THANK YOU! To all the members that have come and gone THANK YOU, everyone of you have added part of yourself to the sound and attitude of SRP.

Thank You, 
Joe Williams, Randy Vanderpool, Fred Milner, Shawn Allendorf, Rob Chismar, Darryl Benson, Jerry Lica, Kevin Cavanaugh, Mike Barthomew, Tom Cat, Brian Wood, Bruce Cunninham, Joe Scramlin, Eugen Buoncompagno, Buff, Pebe, Tom S. 
We can't forget the soundmen and crew, Tim Noffsinger, Stewart Hall, Mark Harned, James Culbert aka "Jamer", Dog, Rob Elliott, Steve Stallions, Ralph, Bob Williams. I know there are more,,,,,,,,,